I was super nervous, but what a great instructor!

November 15, 2015

I was super nervous, but what a great instructor! I was reassured and felt at ease because very quickly into the day, Clint gave me the confidence and reassurance that I needed so i could go through with the conceal carry course. Guess what? i did it! Passed with flying colors!! I’m very proud of myself for having the courage to go through with it!

I did it because I don’t mind going places at night by myself (or with my children) but still, a short trip to the beach with my kids going to a hotel and having a late dinner, or leaving Walmart at 2 am and being one of a few automobiles there can leave an uneasy feeling.

Since taking the course and being prepared, I have the tools (mentally & physically) I need to be the best defender of not only myself, but also my littles God gave me.

I think EVERY ONE should take this course, even if you do NOT want to carry. The information, lessons, and tips this class (and instructor) offers is more valuable than anything i can think of….even beyond the best description or testimonial I could give.

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